Engagement Model

How do we charge you?

Our cost is based on the engagement model that you choose. The models are based best practices and are designed to help you get best value for your investment. You can choose from the following available engagement models:

Fixed Price

If you have a clear understanding of the product’s functionality and well-written specification then Fixed Price model is for you. The fixed-price model goes well with waterfall methodology and is suitable for MVPs and small projects with:

  • Limited features
  • Limited budget
  • Determined Deadlines

Time & Material

If you "do not" have a clear requirements and roadmap then Time-and-Material model will work best for you. This model allows changing the scope and milestones on the go. Consequently, cost of the project might differ from initial estimates. T&M model goes well with agile methodology. It is more suitable if you have:

  • Dynamic requirements
  • Unclear project scope
  • Anticipated flexibility
  • Significant control over a project
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