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Digital Nomads!

This is the advent of artificial intelligence, bots that can chat and mass utilization of data. It is changing the way we look at technology and how it interacts with humans.


Learning afresh!

The industries we have worked with range from Fin-tech, Banking, Logistics, E-Commerce, Retail partly because we have been consultants for most of our career.

Human first, digital second.

Hyper acceleration in artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, IoT and digital technologies is creating a huge gap in between consumer and developers of technology. Our aim is to bridge this divide. We want the technology to be an enabler and not a stumbling block for human consumption and interaction and hence our mantra - human first, digital second.

We are consultants who have been working in Digital space for over 20 years. We have seen change first hand and can relate to the challenges that comes with change. Our hope is that we will be able to share this experience with you and help move you into digital!

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About Us

Asif Hameed

Principal Consultant

About Us

Fahad Hameed

Sr Consultant