AWS Cloud Engineering

An experienced AWS Clound Engineeing team who knows how to build and manage cloud native solution. We work with startups, small businesses, and enterprises to provide them with the resources they need to get up and running quickly, saving time and money for all involved.

We have the knowledge you need to get started on your next project—and we do it quickly.


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For startups looking to grow their business quickly, AWS Cloud can take you there!

The cloud has changed how startups do business, and the right provider can help your small company grow into a large one without the need for expensive infrastructure or slow-moving IT departments.

Creating cloud applications has always been challenging. Gone are the days of dealing with complex databases and infrastructure. AWS Cloud lets you quickly and easily create what you want. With tools like Amazon Lambda, EC2, ECS, EKS, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, Kinesis, Athena, Comprehend and Rekognition, etc., you can develop sophisticated applications in days rather than months -On top of this; we also have complementary skills for Kubernetes and Terraform.
It's not just about creating apps, either. Amazon's powerful data storage service is included in this bundle, allowing you to load up data and make it available for machine learning algorithms to work on. In addition to the raw data, you'll get pre-built machine learning models that will allow your application to better understand your users' needs and personalize their experiences accordingly. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these models are worth millions!

How do we charge you?

Our cost is based on the engagement model that you choose. The models are based best practices and are designed to help you get best value for your investment. You can choose from the following available engagement models:

Fixed Price

Fixed price models are the most common method of pricing software products. The customer pays a fixed price for the deliverables to be developed, regardless of how long it takes.

The Fixed Price model is suitable for MVPs and small projects with:

  • Limited features
  • Limited budget
  • Determined Deadlines

Fixed Price Model Advantages:

  • The client gets exactly what they want.
  • The client has an idea of what to expect from the project.

It’s easy to plan and budget for a fixed-price project because both parties have agreed on a fixed price before work begins

Time & Material

Time-and-Material Engagement model is suitable for projects that do not have a clear requirements and roadmap. It allows changing the scope and milestones on the go. Consequently, cost of the project might differ from initial estimates. T&M model goes well with agile methodology. It is more suitable if you have:

  • Dynamic requirements
  • Unclear project scope
  • Anticipated flexibility
  • Significant control over a project

How it works?