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Fannie Mae Compliant Loan Application App
June 28, 2018
Feature Prioritization
June 28, 2018

Data Products Development

One of the key questions which has haunted us for a while was, what to do after applications and innovation goes into a production environment. From a user design perspective we usually ended up asking our clients about end consumer feedback and various application performance metrics to see whether the features which we worked so hard on created any impact on the bottom line?

Sales Performance Dashboard



Analytics, Machine Learning and more...

The answer came to us when we decided to step back and look at the big picture. If it was information we were after, why not build an app which would collect, do the math on and finally present the data back to us.

We started working on developing dashboards to bring together our industry knowledge coupled with new technologies like R, Shiny and going all the way to the other other end of the creative spectrum employing statistical analysis, predictive modeling and machine learning in order to have a cross sell available to us and an option for our clients, a window so to speak to look into the future of their investments.

This has enabled us to developed some serious data products like dashboards for Sales Performance, Retail Performance, Finance, HR and operations.