AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment Optimization

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September 26, 2022

About The Customer

Crew & Job Management system built in Australia, specifically for Tradies who battle with tech. It manages daily tasks and share project information with industry best scheduling, timesheets, SWMS, custom forms, expenses, equipment, budgets, group messaging and more.

Problem Statement

The client was running web and mobile apps on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, experiencing slow page load times and inconsistent app performance due to slow API responses. They're confident they've provided enough resources, but customers were still impacted. They wanted the reasons investigated and to find a solution to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Project Scope

Scope of work included Assessment of AWS Environment, our team needed to comprehensively evaluate the client's AWS environment to identify potential bottlenecks, misconfigurations, or suboptimal usage of AWS services that could affect the performance of their web and mobile applications. And based on the above, provide Optimization Recommendations and back them up with Implementation support.

Our Approach

After thoroughly assessing the client's AWS environment, we identified several issues that required attention. We ran a boto3-based Python script to create a comprehensive list of the client's AWS assets, allowing us to understand their architecture better.

Using AWS default diagnostics for Elastic Beanstalk, we identified metrics not performing correctly or reaching critical levels. We dug deeper to determine if there were any correlations between the traffic entering the system and the traffic served. We also reviewed the logs and discovered several instances of Internal Server Errors on APIs.

We also made recommendations around redundancy, solution restructuring, and how to identify approaches to optimizing resources to bring the best value for AWS infrastructure costs incurred. Overall, our team was able to provide a solution that addressed all of these issues. Our implemented improvements will result in a more stable and efficient AWS environment for our client.

Success Factors

The successful resolution of the issues identified in the client's AWS environment will positively impact their operations in several ways. Firstly, the improved metrics and optimized resources will lead to a more stable and efficient system, reducing downtime, and potential revenue loss. Secondly, restructuring the solution will make it more scalable and adaptable to future growth and changes in traffic patterns. Finally, reducing infrastructure costs will result in significant savings for the client. Implementing our recommendations will position the client for continued success in their AWS environment.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment Optimization
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