Our Process

1. We start with strategizing

We either build a new strategy or use the one that’s already in play. It is that strategy that we will use to figure out what to focus on in need identification. Using the data, understanding your goals, knowing your customer – it all goes into the strategy from the beginning of our process to create your digital assets.

2. Then, we identify the need

Need identification is a big part of the digital strategy we put into practice. At this stage, we strive to identify the different business needs implementing ‘out-of-the-box’ approaches and thinking before we narrow down the final offering. This results in diverse customer stories that depict specific workflows and processes within an organization. User research

3. Conduct user research

User research allows us isolate key pain points and points of view of various user groups. This helps in converting need into specific feature sets. This done by conducting workshops with client and looking up user data where applicable.This helps us figure out which specific items we are going to make digital.

4. Create storyboards

User research allows us to draw detailed graphic representation of your customer and user narrative. It goes step by step, showing exactly how the entire item will unfold. This mixture of graphics and notes helps to better understand how the final outcome will be.

5. For each board, we create wireframes

This starts making the outcome even clearer. Wireframes lay out the content and functionality of your item. It takes into account user journeys and user needs. It also takes a deep dive into the required details.

6. Against wireframes, we create Prototypes

This makes the picture even clearer for you. Here you get to see the color schemes, typography, visuals of navigation and layouts among other things.

7. Against the prototypes, we create designs

We work together to create beautiful designs that give your users a wonderful experience from start to finish.

At the same time work is done on a technology solution

A project plan is build around the implementation of the solution allowing for a smooth delivery. The high fidelity design is also incorporated into this solution.

8. Technology development starts

This usually constitutes only 20% of the task at hand, hence it is of critical importance to get all the previous steps right.